The Astonishing Case of the Stolen Stories


Meet Cat, Fox and Bear: detectives extraordinaire!

The Prince’s bedtime stories have been STOLEN! And so has every last book in the kingdom.
Could the Big Bad Wolf be the thief? Or is the Wicked Witch the culprit?


There are many types of detectives, and a good detective has to have very specific skills. Luckily Cat, Fox and Bear have got them all covered so when the King has a problem that needs solving he knows just who to call. The little prince is terribly upset; all of his bedtime stories have been stolen! The detectives look for clues and interrogate the suspects but it seems the big bad wolf isn’t a thief, and neither is the wicked witch. They search everywhere they can think of - until they come across a character they’ve never seen before.

This lovely picture book is smart and sweet. The detective gang are clever, but it is hungry bear who will become everyone’s favourite – he’s always thinking about food and providing the laughs. The various nods to other storybooks are woven in beautifully and the story’s resolution is genuinely delightful. A longer text and the fairy-tale references make this an ideal picture book for young school children who will enjoy being in on the joke. Inventive page layouts and a bright palette give these pretty illustrations style. ―Booktrust

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