Outside Amelia’s Window

March 2021


Amelia is a shy little girl with a big imagination. After an injury, she finds solace in stories―fairy tales about faraway lands and magical creatures. When two children move in next door, Amelia wonders: Can she play with them? Can she be as brave as the heroines in the stories she reads? With the help of a little bird outside her window, Amelia finds the courage she needs to embark on a journey in her new wheelchair…where she discovers that there is magic to be found just outside her window.

“Budisan’s delicate but vivid pencil-and-watercolor illustrations subtly convey Amelia’s emotions and lend a dreamlike feel to the redstarts’ rhythmically described migration, quietly enhancing Nastro’s simple, gently encouraging text. Fledgling ornithologists will particularly appreciate the notebook-style bird facts scattered across the endpapers.…An uplifting tale of birds and bravery.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“The delightful story does a marvelous job of giving Amelia room to explore life on her own terms, and the dreamy pencil-and-watercolor illustrations are wonderfully creative.…A gentle reminder of the joy to be found in embracing adventure and expanding horizons.” ―Booklist

“Nastro’s reflective, gentle text captures Amelia’s thought process and growth, while interweaving facts about birds. Budisan’s colorful pencil-and-watercolor illustrations are nothing short of stunning.…Inspirational and informative, this story is highly recommended for purchase for picture book collections.”

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